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about us

Cal Crop USA is a family owned and run company that produces products for lawn and garden uses and commercial agriculture that are safe for people and the environment. Tony Arand founded the company in 1994 with his father John to commercialize the family’s organic pesticide technology in the commercial farming and the organic farming worlds. With many years of dedication of the entire family, the company has grown out of the garage and continues to grow.  With his sons Max, Landon, and Ian, the family business is expanding from organic and commercial farming applications into the consumer market for Lawn and Garden uses.


meet the team



Tony Pic

Tony was raised in Southern California and spent the first part of his career in the defense industry at Hughes Aircraft Company. He transitioned into the petroleum and chemical industry developing innovative solutions for the clean combustion of petroleum. In the mid 1990's, Tony started Cal Crop USA with his dad John to produce to produce sustainable crop protection products for agriculture. 




Delphine was raised in Northern California and spent the first part of her career in business management, sales and customer service in the Health and Wellness industry. The second part of her career was in the Real Estate industry. Delphine joined the Cal Crop USA team as the matriarch of the family business, responsible for the management of day to day operations, human resources, and vendor relationships. 



Max Pic

Max went to Mission Vista High School where he ran cross country, played rugby and learned to surf in Oceanside. Max has been involved in the manufacturing of the company’s products for many years. He currently attends Palomar college. 



Landon Pic

Landon went to Fallbrook high school where he played football and rugby.  He is involved in the production of products for the company.  Landon continues his education at Mira Costa College where he plays rugby. 



Ian Pic

Ian attended Fallbrook high school where he played rugby and is involved in the production of products for the company.  He continues to work closely with the Tony designing new products and labels to go with them.  He is attending Mira Costa College, where he plays rugby and pursues an associates degree before transferring to a four-year university.